Exclusive on desired qualities by Grant Thornton!

What do you do?

I am an Audit Manager at Grant Thornton LLP. I serve public and private clients in the consumer and industrial products industry. As a manager I oversee the audit strategy, coordinate with the clients on technical matters and expectations, supervise staff for the planning and execution of the audit, and ensure quality in every step of the process.


What qualities do you and your company/organization find most attractive when hiring interns and/or recent college graduates?

Solid academic achievement is certainly one aspect that we look for in a candidate. Beyond that we look for the person to be balanced with many extra-curricular activities. In our profession we are constantly multi-tasking with several engagements running concurrently. Being involved in campus clubs/organizations, volunteering activities and/or athletics while maintaining a good GPA demonstrates that a candidate has the ability to take on the challenging role in public accounting.

By Annie Delaney (Boudreau)
Annie Delaney (Boudreau)