Home for the Holidays?

Do you have a contact that you’ve been meaning to reach out to but haven’t had the time to commit to writing that e-mail or card during the semester? Don’t panic! Thanksgiving break is coming up and the end of the semester is approaching. It is the perfect time to reach out to contacts!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, take the time to say thank you to people that have helped you (mentors, bosses, colleagues, etc.) Shoot them an e-mail or write them a card thanking them

Over Winter Break

Take time to recover from the fall semester and finals week so you can put your energy and time into networking.

Schedule a meeting–Is there anyone you know at home that you can set up a time to meet with? Think about meeting up for a cup of coffee or make an appointment to stop in at the office.

Send “Happy Holiday” cards or e-mails (hand written cards are always appreciated)

Networking at holiday events– Have a sincere conversation. Try to not force the conversation, the topic of your summer (Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors) or career (Seniors) plans will most likely naturally become a topic of conversation. Be prepared to discuss your abilities and goals, also ask them questions to ensure that the conversation is not solely focused on you.

Holiday Blooper:

Taking out your resume at Thanksgiving dinner…. Don’t be that person.

By Gillian Paradis
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