Sustainability Networking Opportunity – Safer Chemicals, Safer Products, Sustainable Supply Chains

linkedGroup: Boston Area Sustainability Group (BASG)

Subject: Safer Chemicals, Safer Products, Sustainable Supply Chains

 BASG presents “Green Chemistry” Tuesday, 11/5 at the Venture Cafe from 6 to 9PM.

The Venture Cafe is located at the Cambridge Innovation Center, One Broadway, 5th Floor. Visitors must comply with Venture Cafe attendance policies (see for more details). NOTE: NEW FLOOR

Admission $12 – includes Eventbrite service fees


In our striving to reduce toxicity, green chemistry has an important role. Yet, like all sustainability, it too must be viewed from the lens of systems thinking. For example, the switch to soy based inks led to a rise in the price of soybeans, resulting in increased soybean production and consequent rainforest destruction in Brazil. Come join the experts for a terrific evening exploring green chemistry:

Meet: Amy Cannon, Executive Director at Beyond Benign
Joel Tickner, Green Chemistry & Commerce, the Green Chemistry Initiative at UMass Lowell, and the Government Workgroup Green Chemistry Initiative
Nick Anastas, Green Chemist at US EPA Region 1

Time is short and we all need to learn a boatload, fast. One of BASG’s explicit goals is that we learn as much as we can from each other, where the very diversity of the group is one of our most valuable assets. Come join the discussion, or hang out and listen. Meet those folks working hard to do what you’re trying to do and your paths have not yet crossed. We have a great time and really want to meet you!

Our format for the evening begins with informal networking followed by quick introductions all round before several lightening-speed presentations from knowledgeable folks. Using a modified IGNITE-style format, our speakers will share their experiences and then open the discussion.

We’ll end the discussion with time left for more networking and sharing info on other local events. Hope to see you there!

Click here for a preview of the event!

By Julia Paradis
Julia Paradis Think Tank Consultant