Prestigious Fellowship Opportunity for 15 Bentley Students

There is a national fellowship program and workshop that the Office of Sustainability and Corporate Immersion Institute are bringing to Bentley in October.  It’s called “C2C Fellows.”  

 C2C Fellows is designed for young people who want to change the world by the time they are thirty. It is a national network for undergraduates and recent graduates who want high-impact careers in sustainable business and politics.  During a C2C Fellows’ weekend workshop students learn the leadership skills necessary to succeed, such as how to: raise money, tell a story, build their network, pitch their ideas, and know what they’re good at.

All young leaders should apply today using the link!  The Application deadline is October 11th. Don’t miss out!

This is a prestigious fellowship opportunity; the Office of Sustainability and Corporate Immersion Institute have arranged for 15 fellowships for Bentley students. The fellowship workshop will be held at Bentley from Friday (afternoon), October 25th – Sunday, October 27th

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Fellowship Workshop agenda

Some quick facts about the Fellowship Workshop:

  • Attendance is usually 50-60 undergrads and/or recent grads
  • Bentley students can go for FREE (there will be approximately 15 spots for Bentley students)
  • This will be advertised at all schools in the region

Click here to Apply for a C2C Fellowship and the Bentley University Workshop!

By Alyssa Hammond
Alyssa Hammond Director, Undergraduate Career Development, Pulsifer Career Development Center Alyssa Hammond