The beauty of interning for the Boston Celtics

What major related internship/job are you doing (or have done) and can you tell us about a typical day?

I’ve had the opportunity to complete a few different internships over the past years, but my favorite and most beneficial was interning with the Boston Celtics in the Strategic Marketing and Business Operations department this summer. Our department works to segment our customer base to better understand and target the needs of our customers. Working in a fast paced, high energy environment has allowed me to explore the field and learn many useful skills. I love the company culture and the passion and excitement of each employee to be doing their work; it’s like a small family. A typical day starts with reading and responding to the “Celtics Contact Us” inbox (it’s always overloaded with eager fan opinions, community requests, and industry-related questions). I move on to tracking and analyzing the weeks’ digital elements such as email click through rate, social media following, videos viewed and NBA digital rankings. Some ongoing projects I work on are creating infographics with data on season ticket holders and general fans, creating, conducting and analyzing surveys given to fans after games, events or the season to review their experience, plan and execute season ticket holder events and benefits to enhance their experience, research and compose “best practices” in the industry in order to incorporate findings into the outbound strategy, and work with huge amounts of excel data to collect information and statistics. This internship provided me with a great experience and many takeaways I can implement in other projects and positions.

By Sydney Southern
Sydney Southern