Inside Scoop on the Ferrera Fellowship!

Why did you decide to apply for the Ferrera Fellowship?

I decided to apply for the Ferrera Fellowship because I was interested not only in nonprofit institutions but also because I was interesting in trying out teaching (which Explo offers the opportunity for). I have had a lot of nonprofit experience before, and I have also worked with children at most of my jobs. It seemed to be a really great fit for me and I am definitely glad that I applied.


How do you feel your coursework has helped you in your fellowship?

Personally, being a management major and a psychology minor has prepared me to be able to deal with people, especially in a professional setting.


What new skills have you developed and strengthened from your fellowship experience?

I have not only strengthened my personal skills, but also my teaching skills. I have been a camp counselor before, but I have never really taught a class or anything of the sort. I have learned that it is a very hard profession, and I have a lot more respect for the teachers currently in the field.


What advice would you give to other students who are thinking of applying for the Ferrera Fellowship?

Although I personally had a lot of nonprofit experience before, I would encourage students to apply regardless of their past job history. I have always felt that people have a lot to learn from nonprofit institutions, and I feel personally lucky to have had opportunities in the past as well as present to learn from these places.

By Hanna Wolsfelt
Hanna Wolsfelt