Developing your skills OUTSIDE of class!

  1. What do you do outside of class to develop your skills and experience as they relate to your major and career goals?
    • I’ll do anything in my power to enhance my personal and professional development. I don’t yet have my heart set on a single career path, but I believe that every experience is another opportunity to learn and to grow.

      I’ve learned a tremendous amount through my classes, but I think some of my most profound experiences at Bentley have taken place outside the classroom. During my sophomore year, I participated in “Tech Apprentice,” a digital marketing competition hosted by the Center for Marketing Technology in conjunction with Allen & Gerritsen. In this competition, I was able to work both individually and as part of a team to design digital marketing solutions for companies’ real-world business problems. In the fall of my junior year, I collaborated with three other students to organize “Social Media for Social Good,” a student-run FutureM event. Throughout the years, I’ve stayed involved with student organizations and with Service-Learning. I’ve tried to be an innovative, collaborative leader who sparks positive change in the Bentley community and in the greater Waltham community, and this has greatly furthered my professional development.

      Lastly, I try to expand my industry knowledge by subscribing to relevant RSS feeds and by following thought leaders on LinkedIn. The business world is never going to stop changing, so I never want to stop learning.

By Brian Shea
Brian Shea