Be a step closer to success in the Marketing field by doing this…

What sort of coursework and/or internship experiences would be helpful in landing a job in your field?

There are many different aspects of marketing. The value in interning is gaining office experience and taking the time to explore these different aspects. The same goes for classes – diversify your experiences so that you have a better sense of which pieces of your field actually interest you.


Where would you recommend that students interested in this occupation begin to look for positions beyond their career services office?

I recommend to anyone in the job search. The site compiles postings from many different reliable sources. Your own network is also an incredible resource. Reach out to friends, family members and professors, and expand that network with meaningful connections any chance you have.

What professional associations do you belong to/recommend and/or trade publications do you read and why?

Outside of newspapers and TIME, I subscribe to AdAge, AdWeek, Wired, Fast Company and Inc. Between class and work, I am also constantly reading various articles and books. I recommend having some sort of online reader like Feedly that can aggregate your sources and allow you to easily peruse multiple publications.

By Amanda Helfand
Amanda Helfand