Inside Scoop on a real Marketing internship and advice to success!

  1. What major related internship/job are you doing (or have done) and can you tell us about a typical day
    • In my college years, I’ve been a Bentley Marketing Department Assistant, a New Media Intern at TalentCulture, a Cause Branding Intern at Cone Communications, and a Global Relationship Marketing intern at Bain & Company. Each of these positions has presented new challenges. I’ve had days when I’ve buried myself in Excel spreadsheets, mining for data and trying to find that one story that could make a huge difference in a presentation. I’ve spent entire days engaging communities on four different social media platforms. There have been days when I’ve created and presented PowerPoint slide decks to clients. With each new day comes a new challenge, and I try my best to always avoid having a typical day.
  2. What advice do you have for students considering your major (or minor)?
    • Explore. There are so many different marketing jobs out there. If you’re considering being a marketing major, strive to have a variety of experiences. If you don’t definitively find out what you want to do, you’ll at least find out what you don’t want to do. Sometimes, that’s just as valuable.
  3. What’s the best job search advice that you have gotten?
    • “Patience is a virtue; resilience is a necessity.”
By Brian Shea
Brian Shea