The CPA Exam – Is it worth it?

1.      As an accountancy or corporate finance and accounting major, how did you decide on whether or not you wanted to pursue a CPA?

Talking to Career Services and the guide of Melissa Sawyer it seemed the right path. If I was going to get an Accounting degree I wanted to finish it all the way so I could become a certified public accountant.

2.      When do you think is the “best” time to take the CPA exam?

I think the best time to take the CPA exam is in the summer time.

3.      What (if any) professional associations have you found beneficial in your career so far?

I have a student membership with the Massachusetts Society Certified Public Accountants. I receive emails weekly about how to prepare for the CPA exam as well as upcoming events that relate to accounting. It is a great way to network.

4.      Do you feel the requirement of 150 credit hours to become CPA eligible have pushed some people away from the accounting field?

I could see that because it is another year of school to pay. I am taking out loans to go to college so it is another burden. But, it is only a year of graduate school it’s not like becoming a doctor where you have to go for another 3-4 years in graduate school.

5.      What is the typical career path for someone within an accounting firm?

The typical career path is to either start working at a public accounting firm or a private company. If you work at a public accounting firm you start out as an associate for 2-3 years and work your way up through the ranks then become a Senior Associate, next Manager which is 6-7 years of experience, finally Senior Manager to eventually becoming a Partner.

By Zahra Alavi
Zahra Alavi