Every job gives you experience for your major!

What is your major and how did you decide on your major at Bentley?

I’m an IDCC major. I originally came to Bentley planning on majoring in marketing but once I found out about the IDCC major I knew that was a better fit for me because it is more focused towards what I want to do in terms of public relations.


What major related internship/job are you doing (or have done) and can you tell us about a typical day?

This summer, I worked as an orientation leader and camp counselor. I know this may not directly align with my intended career path but it definitely exposed me to different types of people and situations which provided me with life experience on how to deal with conflict, resolution, and compromise. Both jobs put me in a position of authority and responsibility because I was responsible for both incoming freshman students and children attending camp. I facilitated activities to help build a positive group dynamic while fostering relationships among strangers.

By Catie Flaherty
Catie Flaherty