Inside Marketing as a major at Bentley

What is your major and how did you decide on your major at Bentley?

I decided on my major, Marketing, by evaluating my skills and interests after freshmen year. After completing the first level of General Business (Accounting and Finance) I wasn’t sure if my passion was in either of the two subjects. Yet, after finishing the semester of GB 214 (Marketing and Operations), I knew it was exactly what I wanted to do. I was excited to go to class, do the work, read, learn about the material and even do outside research. I felt completely passionate about the subject and couldn’t wait to indulge in more classes like it. I could see myself in a marketing position after I graduated and for years to come, loving the work. Once I found that connection with Marketing, I decided to stick with it and declare it as my major.


What has been your favorite major related class so far and why?

My favorite major related class so far has been MK 369, E-Marketing, with Professor Mari Anne Snow. E-Marketing is such a relevant topic in today’s technological world so the material was always applicable and changing. We were given real world businesses to work with and challenged to develop a complete e-marketing strategy for them to implement. Although the class was challenging, it showed me what working with a real client was like, even through the ups and downs. Professor Snow is an incredible mentor with many connections to the marketing world. She’s so knowledgeable, not only regarding e-marketing, but other aspects of the field and the real world. I was able to take so much away; I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a stimulating course.

By Sydney Southern
Sydney Southern