You’ll never know if you never ask!

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom?

Ask. For. Advice. I haven’t met a single person who would turn me down yet, and you will find it in the most unlikely of places. Sometimes it just takes one phone call to the general phone line of a company or an email to the only person you might know there. Not sure if this is an appropriate or relevant story to share at all but by unlikely places I mean REALLY unlikely. I was at Coogans (a bar in Boston) and met someone and after doing a general conversation found out she works in accounts at an ad firm in NY that was expanding quickly. Although there weren’t any immediate positions open at her firm we talked other interests and she sent my resume to over a dozen other places.

Find opportunities outside of the classroom that don’t just include internships. Clubs etc. on campus are a great way to do this. I also would recommend looking into case study competitions. There are some pretty awesome prizes, you can meet some really cool people, and more often than not Industry professionals are the judges/hosting it and it’s a great networking opportunity.

Get on LinkedIn and start connecting with people you meet. Grab a business card, find them on LinkedIn, and shoot them a message picking their brain.

By Matthew Somma
Matthew Somma