Importance of Networking

Do you have a great networking, information interview, social media use story that gave you great results?

Going along with the importance of networking, it was something I did a lot of before getting the internship I currently have. Once I really started getting into my internship search, I knew Wolverine Worldwide was a place I wanted to work. I did some searching on Linked In and connected with someone in the product development department who actually went to Bentley. From there, they let me know that they would be at the upcoming (Spring) Career Fair and to stop by and say hello. They were the first booth I went to at the Career Fair and I was able to learn more about the internship program. I also reached out to some Bentley students who I had known interned there previously to get even more information. After this, I made more connections on LinkedIn to really show my interest in the company, and in the end, applied online at Bentley Link, and the rest is history. It’s amazing how much networking can teach you about a company and help, even just a little bit, get your ‘shoe’ in the door.

By Emily Hamlin
Emily Hamlin