Key steps to take and qualities to have when finding an internship/job!

What steps have you taken to get to where you are today?

  • Not really sure how to answer this question because there are so many! I’d say one of the big ones would be signing up for job alerts and such. You don’t have to necessarily be looking for a job at that moment to sign up and it’s just an email. I remember seeing the position posted somewhere and when I thought more on Reebok and doing Social Media I was able to find the position that I had received a newsletter about. I also think that sometimes college students turn their noses up at the thought of networking if there isn’t a position in mind, which isn’t the right way to go about it. Before this I had 3-4 calls with industry professionals where they may/may not have had positions open but I used the call to really get a feel for what they were looking for in a college graduate and what I could do to better prepare myself for the interview process. Logistically though I went through phone interviews, a presentation at Reebok, and in person interviews before receiving an offer.

What qualities do you and your company/organization find most attractive when hiring interns and/or recent college graduates?

  • I can’t speak too much to this being such a new hire but I think one of the biggest things that was presented to me as being important was personality and being a good fit for the company. As I became more comfortable in the interview I began to let more and more of my personality show instead of just previous work experience and it definitely helped out.
By Matthew Somma
Matthew Somma