How did I choose Marketing as a major?

  1. What is your major and how did you decide on your major at Bentley?
    • I decided to be a marketing major because I didn’t want something straightforward. In my marketing classes, I’ve had to rely on my analytical skills, my communication skills, my organizational skills, and my creativity. I like when answers aren’t necessarily cut and dry, and I like having the opportunity to solve a problem in a way that others hadn’t thought about.
  2. What has been your favorite major related class so far and why?
    • I loved the e-Marketing (MK 361) class that I took in the spring of 2013. Our class was required to keep up on digital business trends, and the course was geared toward our professional development and practical application of knowledge. Through MK 361, I also had the opportunity to develop campaigns for two real-world clients.
By Brian Shea
Brian Shea