Math Majors with a Bentley Twist

“Data Crunchers Now The Cool Kids On Campus” so says Carl Bialik of the Wall Street Journal in a compelling article last week that explains the enormous demand for “numerate” employees.

We’ve seen the trend at Bentley as increasing numbers of students pursue Math as a major with even greater growth among Actuarial Sciences majors. Perhaps it’s in response to the encouraging employment prospects across numerous industries or the competitive compensation. Regardless, the “growth of online data is a key driver in the increased popularity of statistics.”

The significant increase in start-ups has also fueled demand for talent. But the ability to analyze data is not enough. It is the ability of graduates to frame the data in a business context that is most valued by employers. And that’s Bentley’s sweet spot.

Check out this article “Data Crunchers Now the Cool Kids on Campus”.

By Deanna Desharnais
Deanna Desharnais Deanna Desharnais