Sophomore Class Kickoff

For those of you sophomores who missed Sophomore Class Kickoff and those of you who got the wonderful opportunity to attend, here’s a wrap-up. On Wednesday, November 7 in the Adamian Pavilion two of your fellow career advisers  Colleen Murphy and Kristine Vidic, discussed the importance of having your Career Plan in Action! The presentation discussed the elements involved in the Sophomore Career Tool Kit. This kit discussed the importance of four things for sophomores: self-assessments, refining your career plan, attending programs, and considering a leadership role. The presentation promoted the importance of self-assessments and how students must discover and embrace a strong interest inventory. The strong interest inventory (SII) measures your level of interest in occupational areas, work environments, educational subjects, and activities. The SII then compares this interest with working professionals from more than 100 different professions. This assessment can be taken online and after receiving your results, you can schedule an appointment with any one of the career advisers to better understand them.

The URL to take the SII is: http://online


Password: PATHWAYS

User ID: leave blank

Click Log in, Choose Strong Interest Inventory and click “Take it”

The SII is just one of several self-assessment tools that help students discover the most appropriate career path for them. Another is the skills scan through Bentley Link that tests your strongest skills. With this information you can then figure out what major you might want to consider.

A way to refine your Career Tool Kit is by defining leadership, formalizing a good elevator pitch, building and updating you network, understanding how to research companies, adding summer experiences to your resume, conducting informational meetings, and learning about new career resources. Attending programs is important because by attending career fairs, attending panel discussions, and attending developmental presentations, you are expanding your professional network and learning about the world of opportunities available for college students. Considering a leadership role is significantly important because it makes you more desirable by recruiters. Ways of considering leadership roles are available in GB courses, volunteering on campus/off campus, and through campus activities. These are just the highlights about the Sophomore Career Tool Kit that was handed out during the Kickoff presentation; stop by the career services office located in LaCava to grab one of your own!

By Melissa Pena
Melissa Pena